Thursday, September 19, 2013

Conceptual Illustration

Hey guys so classes are in full swing including my wonderous 116, conceptual illustration class.  The latest project is to create a story with characters the are based off of your own personality.  So we had to reach down into our psyches, pull out 6 different characters and make up an epic tale about them.  The catch was, there are specifics that we had to follow: 2 people had to be a different gender than you, 1 person has to have a relationship with a force of nature, 2 people have to be a different generation than you, 1 person has to be a different species, and 1 person had to be a multiple.  With these specifics in mind, I ended up creating the 6 characters and had a blast.  This was my first time doing character design and having to come up with characters from yourself that aren't really you was a challenge but I think it turned out really nicely. I set them all in 1923 Egypt/Northern Africa.  This helped me out style wise and prevented my mind from getting too imaginative.  I ended up playing with shapes a lot and I was glad that I did because it helped distinguish the characters from one another.  Anyways, enough of my blabber, if you're here you want to see art ......

Like I said, super fun and can't wait for the next step :)

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