Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Project

Heres just a piece of work that I was working on for a couple weeks.  Since I work at the Boardwalk I tend to see some interesting things; this scenario being one of them.  I saw this man walking on the beach going from trash can to trash can with a bunch of seagulls following him, waiting for him to drop something to eat.  I thought it was so funny that I just had to draw so here it is, along with the process.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caricatures for the Summer

Over the summer i've been working at Cali Caricature at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  Each time I go to work people surprise me.  Their stories are so incredible and most people excited to be at the Boardwalk on vacation.  I also realized that most people that come to the Boardwalk are from different states or even countries.  I always ask them if they're doing anything else on their stay but most people just come for the Boardwalk.  It's great to see the Boardwalk in a new light.  But anyways, I finally acquired pictures of some artwork that I was particularly proud of.  

This couple was so cute he stayed like that the whole time I drew them even when I said he didn't have to. So adorable.

This couple waited like 2 hours for one of my drawings!  It was ridiculous.  They were so nice and wanted this to go in their mom and pop restaurant in the valley.  The guy was super nice and talkative and they asked me to do artwork for their restaurant.

This one I like because of the composition.  I was excited that I could fit 3 guys with bodies in the page.

So obviously its not always busy at the stand, so I just get to draw. Saw The Wolverine the other day (awesome btw) and decided to see if I could caricature him.  It got a lot of people to look at the stand :) 

This couple was from Chicago, she is a math teacher and he's like a sales rep.  They were just driving...... that's it, just going where the wind takes them.  On a whim they decided to stop here and get a caricature.  I loved their pic because of the composition and they were just great people to talk to.  They wanted a pic of me in there thus this picture.