Monday, February 20, 2012

Painting Up a Storm

So, It's the fifth week of school and I have so many things that I have to do.  In my 113b class we are rendering things: an egg, an acorn, a rock.....trees.  This class is pretty much using what we've learned in my 113a class where we rendered out a still life and applying it to the new renderings.  I uploaded some pictures of my final renderings from my 113a class and underneath are the two renderings that we've done in my newest class, the acorn being just finished today.  As I have never really painted outside of these two classes, it's all a learning experience for me.  Rendering is not really my forte either so I think I'm personally good then I look at other peoples work and am like...... yeah.  So, I just try my best.

 Here are some other sketches from about a week ago:  Also drawing on a plane is like the best way to get people to talk to you.  Both people that I sat next to talked to me, one was a younger guy who worked at google and the other was a nice older lady visiting her daughter in san diego.  I also like this sketch I did of a robot looking thing with the hand, it shows a story with one pose and that is really what I'm looking to do with my work.