Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Heads...

Got some new drawings to show, its been a while but i've been keeping busy with school and work and additional projects including a green ninja episode, and a short film that my friends and I are working on.  CTN and thanksgiving were both hectic times but I had a blast at CTN and it gave me tons of new ideas. One of the guys I met there named Justin Rodrigues, check him out on instagram, had some great figures. I've now been trying to get more into character design and caricature and finding my style there. I've also dipped my hand into some production aspects for the Green Ninja project that I'm working on.  I'll make sure to post that when its all done. Well, that was more than I intended to write, not sure if anybody reads these things anyways. unicorn, artwork, heads.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Caricature

For my friends Michael Claus and Amber Etkind :) lovely animator friends.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Lion in Winter

Recently I got to see The Lion in Winter from 1968, directed by Anthony Harvey.   I actually like this film a lot even though it is an older british historical movie. But the thing that really impressed me was that it was like any other family drama that we would see today but in a british castle, historical setting.  Katherine Hepburn and Peter O'toole were both so good in this movie, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen when they were talking it reminded me of Game of Thrones when Tywin Lannister and Olena the Queen of Roses were on screen together; two great actors playing off each other. Anyways during the movie, I liked the costumes of the characters and how each son was a play off of their father, you knew exactly which son was which just by the way they acted and their costumes.  

Here's the drawing just from watching the movie:

Here's a family scene:

Inktober Slash Caricatures

So I'm super excited about October being Ink-tober as well as being my favorite month! I don't think my inktober stuff will be super cool like some of my other SHM peoples (check them out on the sidebar), but if I do, do something in ink I'll try and let you know ;)
Anyways, from class I caricatured my friends sitting across from me, they just all happened to be four different boys; check em out:

After caricaturing them like I usually do; I decided, hey, why not push it. And I did till my friend suggested Picasso, then thats how the last one came about.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Caricatures

Here are some pics from my job at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! So much fun to work there for the summer, its really helped me out a lot drawing wise (but that commute doe..)

Pictures courtesy of Cali Caricature.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jacobs Wonderbar

Next in my coffee caricatures is Jacobs Wonderbar. Its a dark roast that was a bit more chocolatey than Ether. It tasted really good with cream and sugar.  It's a bit more earthy thats why I ended up making him more of a surfer dude. He's our most popular dark roast so I made him good looking.
(note: jacobs was named after Philz's son, Jacob)

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Hey guys,
So this summer I'm really getting into caricature! Here is a caricature of Ice Cube I did today just because I like his face. First time doing this is photoshop and hopefully you can tell who it is.

Ice Cube. 1/2 hour. photoshop

the reference

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sketchbook Today

Yesterday there was a store meeting at Philz where they pretty much told us we need to relearn and taste all the coffees so that we can give people options when they come up to our bar. My co worker suggested to me to make caricatures of each blend. So, thats what I'm gonna try. I'll do a drawing for each blend at Philz caricaturing the undertones of the coffee.

Today I started at the top of the list, Ether.

With a smoky taste and a great basic coffee taste, Ether taste like the coffee you always smell at your grandparents house.  Its a good black coffee though a little acidic for my tastes without cream and sugar. Medium cream and sugar give the coffee that smoky undertone still without getting a full blast of a dark roast coffee.

Also I did this today as well :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

End of the Vine

This semester I was able to volunteer for a BFA final short film project for the Adobe Think Tank called End of the Vine directed by Megan Lawton and Megan Hart.  It was such a great experience to work and learn from the graduating class.  It was a great introduction into how a short film progresses and collaboration.  I just wanted to share some interesting facts about the film because it went through so many changes in such a quick amount of time.

When I came onto the project, the graduating class had already been working on the storyboards and idea for this thing for a whole semester.  Back then it was called Pillars of Hope, and the BFA class was working tirelessly on getting the story and storyboards to final.  Coming onto the film, we all assumed it would be animated in 2D because most films at San Jose State have been.
Introducing Judy!

Our lovable lonely scientist, who out to save the world from a massive hunger crisis.

The storyboards hadn't been set yet so for most of the semester we ended up doing a lot of pre-viz stuff. 

Final Backgrounds from Dan Galliger for the beginning and the end of the film.

As an animator coming onto the team, I didn't really have a job yet, so I started sketching and getting the feel for the character.

Soon the boards were slowly getting more and more finalized. Megan Lawton and Megan Hart our directors did an amazing job on getting fixes for the boards right away despite the teachers constant critiques.

At one point, we thought, Hey! we should do this film in 3D...... we had a great team for it, Jared Mills, an amazing 3D modeler; Nick Marshall and Jacob Baker, two wonderful 3D animators, and a host of younger classmen working already in 3D.  So we went for it!

Jared Mills did an amazing job modeling Judy's lab as well as rigging Judy and the Caterpillar.

The team figured out that the tone for the film would be Film Noir themed and they 
built a physical model and lit it for reference.

Once the storyboards got finalized we were off on the animation! With only about 2.5 months left in the semester and till the due date, we rushed to get all the 3D animation done and ready to render in a timely manner.
Here's the full reference for the film that I had to do along with a couple other animators: 

And the Shot Progression:

Luckily we got it done in time and the BFA class was able to show it to Adobe by the due date.  The graduating class on the this project really blew me away, it taught be a lot about what to do and what not to do now that I'm going to be part of the graduating class.  I'm so happy that we accomplished a 3D rendered film in such a short amount of time.

And here is the final film:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sketching for Spring Break

Yay it's Spring Break again!  Thus, I have time to go sketch.  Enjoy, also more caricatures of my co-workers coming soon. :)

Friday, March 14, 2014


So i've totally been a horrible person about updating this thing but I haven't really had the time to go sketching lately, its sucky. Any-whos here are some drawings from the past couple weeks:
lets start off with some caricatures:

 here are a couple sketches from Philz coffee, I work there now! yay free coffee whenever!

ooo much fashion.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

stop motion snowman

So  I decided to do a stop motion the other day on a whim. Pretty pleased with the result.
Here you are :

Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Sketches!

As winter break settles down, I wanted to get some fresh air before being stuck inside most of the spring.  Here are a couple of my favorite sketches from the past couple weeks.

These first two are from santana row, I decide to try something new and go night sketching.  I thought it was really fun with all the shadows.
this ones my favorite

These next two are from philz coffee.  Since I draw there a lot I thought I'd try something different.

Thought some simplification was in order.  Also they were very compositionally pleasing.

This guy I was fun to caricature and add color.

These last two are also from santana row but from another day.  Again, I thought I'd try something different, so when I saw certain situations that reminded me of fantasy, I rolled with it.  It was actually really fun.  Also this guy already looked a lot like a hobbit minus the clothing.

These two blonde twins walked out of starbucks and sit down right in front of me.  It's almost like you're asking to be drawn.

Overall, It was fun to try new things and create characters, so I'm definitely gonna try that from now on.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Caricatures at Philz

Hanging out at Philz Coffee in San Jose and did some caricatures! Here are two guys I really liked, I've never put any of my caricature sketches in photoshop and color them before, but I think I'm gonna start doing it now :)  I really enjoyed doing these, hope you enjoy looking at them.

Monday, January 6, 2014


My little brother asked me if I could draw him as a zombie. So remembering back to my caricature days, I much obliged…
Seeing as this was the first time zombifying someone I think it came out pretty cool.  I can't wait to try it again.  Maybe next time I'll add some more movement to it, that would be really fun.
heres a pic of my brother and I at Thanksgiving (for reference) Never mind my sister being weird in the background.