Monday, June 9, 2014

Sketchbook Today

Yesterday there was a store meeting at Philz where they pretty much told us we need to relearn and taste all the coffees so that we can give people options when they come up to our bar. My co worker suggested to me to make caricatures of each blend. So, thats what I'm gonna try. I'll do a drawing for each blend at Philz caricaturing the undertones of the coffee.

Today I started at the top of the list, Ether.

With a smoky taste and a great basic coffee taste, Ether taste like the coffee you always smell at your grandparents house.  Its a good black coffee though a little acidic for my tastes without cream and sugar. Medium cream and sugar give the coffee that smoky undertone still without getting a full blast of a dark roast coffee.

Also I did this today as well :)

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