Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I figured out that taking 3 studio classes is harder than I thought.  But I feel like I'm learning so much, especially in my 3d modeling class.  I have about, lets see, experience in modeling.  But somehow I have managed a B in the class (so far) even though my work is constantly not up to where I would like it.  This last assignment is really the most fun out of all of them, I think.  We are modeling a bat to put in the LFD2 game.  Though I'm not the best at it, using photoshop and putting on a believable texture is the most fun part of the class.  Especially with this one we got to get all zombified with it (wow zombified is an actual word, auto-correct didn't even put a red line underneath it....), which I think is like the coolest thing ever.  This is what I have come up with.  I'm still having trouble with my bump map but I think it turned out ok.
 Here are a couple of other projects that we worked on, A coin sword and a Trade Knife:

I really liked the coin sword because it just looks freakin' awesome especially when I added the lighting in.  The trade knife was fun to do photoshop texture on.  
I'm hoping to be posting my portfolio soon so that I may pass the portfolio review in April for state. YIKES! So stay tuned.

Live, Laugh, Love

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