Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 22nd

Well, I went to Philz for coffee again... Today I focused on getting the whole figure into frame so that I can use some of my drawings to pass the portfolio review this fall.  Fingers crossed. It didn't help though that when I walked in and sat down John Clapp was sitting right behind me.  I kind of felt obligated to do better and push myself now that a teacher was there.  Anyways my Philz friend Luis challenged me today with another two still lives; the bowl and cup were first and then he just HAD to give me the bicycle challenge.  It took more concentration from me because drawing bikes have always given me a hard time; but, whadya gonna do.
Some people waiting in line at Philz and underneath them are people lounging out in front of the library.

The bicycle challenge from Luis.

I got lucky and caught some kids playing volleyball out on tower lawn while I was walking back home, I just HAD to stop and draw them.

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